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I wanted to write about the children. I wanted to write about this wonderful keepsake entrusted to us, about what we are meant to do for them, about the encounter we must have with them. This is an encounter with the tender soul and mind of each and every child.


We must provide the child with the tools he needs for himself, for his spirit. These tools will allow the child to be complete and happy and enable him to fulfill his destiny.


It is up to us to expose the child to all of nature’s elements to allow the child to be chosen by the element that makes him happy, fulfills him and strengthens his spirit, helping him to overcome when he is weakened.


The child is to be exposed to creativity, to material, to wonderful sounds and through them to his body, to his drives and to the inner motion, the motion which he can join.


These awaken within the child a myriad of emotions that connect him to his spirit and essence and to those of the universe.


Awaken within the child a diversity of feelings; get him to know happiness and pain, fear and love, joy and sadness. This will enable him to choose what he wants to feel, what he is willing to give up. He will choose the places where his spirit dwells and the places where it does not.


While teaching the child to listen, we must also be attentive to the child. We teach him to observe while observing him deeply, teaching him through our actions. The child will decide and choose according to his senses and the insights that he reaches.


And thus he’ll be truthful to himself and won’t be tied by the ropes of the past to us, his parents, nor to commitments and social norms which have been pounded into us. We will look with eyes full of wonder at him and at everything new he brings into the world, and turn that into a lesson for us.


This will give us power to learn, to change, to join up with this newest creation and move along with it.


We will see that all is part of the flow of creation that is ever-changing and ever-moving. Everything is right, and everything is possible.


The child will learn the power of love and grow up feeding on this wonderful nutrient which he knows better than we do.

My Children

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